miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

In the World the technology is very relevant for  the development of the countries. They have many technogical advances, for example they have new car, new telephone, new computers games and new technology that help to people disabled. 

All my friends have a important technological elements, for example they have "Blackberries" , "Nootebook", "netbook", "Big celphones" etc. 

I like the technology. I like everything to related "Music", because I love it. I like the Mp3, Mp4 my I-pod nano, music system (speakers, sound mixer), etc. But my favourite piece is "I-pod" nano. It's a digital media player  designed and marketed by "Apple"; If I didn't have this, I wouldn't live happy.
It's a digital audio player and portable hard disk capacity of 10GB, 15GB or30GB. It has a variety of features how for example games, a calendar,alarmclock, voice notes, text notes and to play my favorite songs. I love It.
In my personal case I used It every day , because I don't live without music.
Before of My Ipod I had a Mp3, it was my first device for listening to music, but this didn't have enough memory to save My Music... the Ipod gave me in 2009, on my birthday 18.
If I didn't have my ipod I would not be happy, is a piece of technology very important to me; because the music makes you relax, escape the routine. Is the best technology piece of the history.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Perfect World...

In this time I’m talk aboyut my ideal World.

How is my ideal world, wow it’s a very difficult question to answer, but not impossible.
First We would be a world of equality , without social o racial distinction, It’s a society where discrimination doesn’t exist in the relationships of people. Social INEQUALITIES harm the world, because it causes fights,wars, conflicts. So you have to finish these social inequalities and learn to live in harmony with others.

Another important element in my “Ideal World” is the solidarity between people, where we help others , and end their problems.

TO implement this, we need the existence of “FAMILY”. The family is super important for the development of the world we live in, without it the world would be nothing, because it helps man to develop feelings like love, the joy, solidarity, etc; so we need  a united family, happy , without differences, wich present the love between them, without abuse of power.

But my World has to be “HAPPY”, without it we are nothing, leaving anger and punishment, and reaching to joy, to enable us live together as brothers.

This video help us to understand my Perfect world :)

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

An important website...

I'm going to talk about a website very important for my carrer. It's http://www.mma.gob.cl/ (CONAMA).
The "Corporación nacional del Medio Ambiente" is an important organization that works in Chile to improve the quality of the environment. 
This is a very important website beacuse is responsible for supporting the environmental management in Chile.
In this website you found diferent information about the:
  • environment of Chile
  • environmental education 
  • the biodiversity of Chile.
  • enviromental management tools.
  • Local Environmental Management.
  • And Environmental Participation in Chile.                                                                           
I visit the website every day!!!! this website is very important for me ,and should be important to all... because the world is changing their environment.
I like this website, because I worry of my environment and because Is neccesary that people have information about this changes (for example global warming, animal extinction, climate change, etc). Is important to me beacuse in the future I would like change the policies regarding the Environment and improve people environmental culture.
Therefore we should  visit this website, for information about the projects the government is doing to improve the country in which we live in.

I love read :)

Since I was young I liked to read. My parents said that read it's very important, because in the future that was going to make me a Good professional. My first Book was "Sapo y sepo un año entero", I read this book when I was 8 years old, it was a funny book.
I like books.I love read books of fiction, adventure, fantasy, action ,etc. But my favorite books are novels about love (such as "Sueño de una Noche de verano","Romeo y Julieta", "Como agua para chocolate", etc.).
My favourite book is "Love in the Times of Cholera", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is a beautiful book ,and speak about the history of  love (in Colombia), but it is impossible love because of social and economic differences. The book is very beautiful, exciting and makes us understand the true meaning of love.
All children should read because  it improves their vocabulary, culture and education... and with that Chile will become a more developed country.

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011


Hi, Virtual World!!, my name is Joaquin Riveros, I'm nineteen years old. I live in Santiago,Chile (with my parents and my sister) and I`m studing Public Administration, in Universidad de Chile. 
I like to playing guitar, playing basketball and dancing salsa. I love music, (Argentinean rock) and  in the future I would like to make a "Band" with my friends. 
In my opinion I think that “Blog” will help me “practice and improve” my Writing English skills. I have never written in a “Blog”, it is my first time and I like it.

This is all, thanks :)!!!!!