jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

An important website...

I'm going to talk about a website very important for my carrer. It's http://www.mma.gob.cl/ (CONAMA).
The "Corporación nacional del Medio Ambiente" is an important organization that works in Chile to improve the quality of the environment. 
This is a very important website beacuse is responsible for supporting the environmental management in Chile.
In this website you found diferent information about the:
  • environment of Chile
  • environmental education 
  • the biodiversity of Chile.
  • enviromental management tools.
  • Local Environmental Management.
  • And Environmental Participation in Chile.                                                                           
I visit the website every day!!!! this website is very important for me ,and should be important to all... because the world is changing their environment.
I like this website, because I worry of my environment and because Is neccesary that people have information about this changes (for example global warming, animal extinction, climate change, etc). Is important to me beacuse in the future I would like change the policies regarding the Environment and improve people environmental culture.
Therefore we should  visit this website, for information about the projects the government is doing to improve the country in which we live in.

2 comentarios:

  1. This webside is very important Joaquin .. I like some much ... because the information is for education de people .. See you later :)

  2. I like this website, because is about a very important topic which concerns to everybody, the environment's care. I think the people should know it because, it teachs how be more conscious with the environment.